How will you celebrate National Payroll Week?

How will you celebrate National Payroll Week?

How will you celebrate National Payroll Week?

If you weren’t previously aware that National Payroll Week existed, you’re probably not alone.  After all, payroll has a reputation as the unsung hero in business, ensuring everybody is paid correctly and on time in the background of every company.

Here at Rickard Luckin, we think such an important business function is worthy of some recognition, so why not join us and plan some office celebrations of your own?

What is National Payroll Week?

Running from 4th – 8th September this year, National Payroll Week is held annually to recognise the positive impact of payroll, not only on business, but also on the economy. Did you know, for example, that payroll contributes £418 million to the UK economy through the collection of tax and national insurance alone?

Payroll represents the largest expenditure in most organisations, and with over 15,000 qualified payroll professionals in the UK, it makes sense to honour the people that manage and maintain such a vital function.

How will we celebrate National Payroll Week?

Just like most self-respecting offices, we enjoy any opportunity to celebrate an event.  We didn’t waste any time requesting an office pack from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) – and you can do the same by clicking here.

We’ll be making the most of the balloons, posters and ideas included in our pack, decorating our payroll desks in style – and who knows, there may also be cake consumed at some point throughout the week!

So why not join Rickard Luckin – and over 2,000 businesses across the UK – in recognising National Payroll Week?  The CIPP website contains plenty of tips and ideas to get your office celebrations off to a fantastic start, and we have some more of our own to share:

Show your appreciation:

Holding a bake-off in honour of your payroll team, or decorate their desks as a happy surprise. You could even devise some imaginative tasks, such as nominating a willing member of staff to make tea for your payroll team throughout the week!

Build awareness:

Payroll is a vital function that almost every business will feature, but are your employees aware of just how vital it is in your company?  Put a fun factsheet together, hold a quiz, or even arrange a company lunch session to bring people together in celebration of payroll.

Hold fun competitions:

Could you hold a prize draw, or a raffle in aid of National Payroll Week?  How about a round of payroll bingo?

Redecorate your office

Put up balloons and posters in areas everybody visits, such as the kitchen and reception.

Make the most of social media

Why not Tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn regular updates about your celebrations throughout the week?

Happy celebrating, and we wish you a very productive National Payroll Week!  In the meantime, if you’d like to talk to our friendly team in person about any of your own payroll requirements then we’re always happy to start a conversation.  Simply get in contact at

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Hannah Dumenil

Payroll Manager