The life of a Rickard Luckin accountant: why numbers are just the beginning

The life of a Rickard Luckin accountant: why numbers are just the beginning

The life of a Rickard Luckin accountant: why numbers are just the beginning

As an Accounting Director with many years of active experience, it’s always surprised me that there hasn’t been – at least to my knowledge – a long-running, action-packed television series featuring an accountant as the main character.

If you’re struggling to think of potential storylines for such a show, it may help you to know that throughout my time with Rickard Luckin I’ve been involved in saving marriages, negotiating divorce settlements, have acted as mediator and counsellor for many internal company disputes, been involved in many negotiations with various authorities and lawyers, spoken at memorial services for dearly departed clients… and even managed to halt potential libel action against one of our clients!

Why Rickard Luckin is different

This has all been achieved through maximising Rickard Luckin’s ethos: in which my team and I continually demonstrate to our clients that not only are we skilled and qualified accountants, but we also care about them, their families and the work they do.  This, I believe, is a quality that well and truly sets our firm apart from the rest.

It goes without saying, of course, that Rickard Luckin acts as a one-stop shop for your business accounting and tax needs, but that doesn’t mean to say we don’t go much further at times.  After all, any firm of accountants should be able to produce a set of accounts and a tax return.

We are passionate about our professional and our personal approach

Our team takes particular pride in not being viewed as distant and aloof, as accountants so often are, but instead as friendly and recognisable advisors that clients can be happy to call upon.  This is an attitude that resonates throughout our firm, and we’ve recently been busy implementing a series of internal measures that directly affect how we interact positively with our clients.  We are encouraged to “cuddle” our clients and make sure we keep in touch.

In short, we’re passionate about being personal as well as professional.  We feel our clients’ pain and celebrate their successes.  We take the time to remember special occasions, we send occasional news items and regulatory updates we think might benefit a client’s business, and we don’t forget to ask how they are from time to time!  Strengthening existing client relationships is as important to us as winning new work, and we’re very proud that our client list includes third-generation family businesses we’ve worked with right from the beginning.

Business benefits

With the personal approach so ingrained within Rickard Luckin, it amazes me that more accountants don’t visit their clients more often.  Taking the time and effort to research a company, then spending quality time with its owner whilst actively looking for ways that your involvement can benefit them, will very often also benefit your business as a result.

On a personal note, because I know and understand my clients I’m able to make vital introductions, such as putting land developers in touch with those who have land to sell and IT clients with those needing systems improved!   Not only that, but properly acquainting myself with a business and its owner means I’m more easily able to provide considered advice, such as the times when I take a factory tour and am casually told machinery needs replacing or they are researching a new product.  This kind of knowledge allows me to make beneficial tax-related recommendations before the new machinery is purchased and help with R&D claims they weren’t aware of.

Client relationships that work for everybody

Here at Rickard Luckin, we don’t shy away from honesty with our clients.  As accountants, we’re often in the position of being the bearer of unpleasant news, but we’re usually also in the best position to help solve any issues that arise and hopefully with a welcome injection of fun along the way.

That’s not to say cultivating client relationships is always an easy task, but the internal measures we have in place help us to stay focused as a firm and provide the best possible service to our clients.  For example, we take time to adapt our approach to the needs of each individual client we work with, irrespective of the type of business.

If you’d like to experience our exceptional service first-hand, why not contact me or one of our friendly and professional team for a chat?