Introducing the Rickard Luckin Small Business Unit – dedicated support and expertise for growing start-ups and SMEs

Introducing the Rickard Luckin Small Business Unit – dedicated support and expertise for growing start-ups and SMEs

Introducing the Rickard Luckin Small Business Unit – dedicated support and expertise for growing start-ups and SMEs

In a constantly changing marketplace, it’s becoming ever more vital for new and growing companies to access reliable business advice and expertise they can trust.

Here at Rickard Luckin, we’ve been witnessing a marked increase in new businesses, particularly over the past five years, and as the largest independent accountancy firm in Essex, a great many of them approach us in search of personalised support.

Our response to this growing demand is to set up a dedicated Small Business Unit, providing strategic guidance and addressing the business challenges specifically faced by start-ups and SMEs.

As Director of the Small Business Unit, I’d like to take this opportunity to properly introduce it – and myself in the process!


A fully qualified Chartered Accountant and Accounting Technician, I joined Rickard Luckin back in 2001 to specialise in business strategy, with firm focus on developing structure, growth and stability.  Along the way I’ve encountered companies of all shapes, sizes and specialisms, helping them to refine and achieve the often complex financial and strategic goals they start out with.

Rickard Luckin’s Small Business Unit is headed by myself and managed by Dean McCormack, Business Services Manager, along with a friendly and approachable team of qualified people who are ready and waiting to help.

Our ongoing aim is to streamline and standardise the expert services we provide across our company, so that no matter which of our premises you decide to visit (Basildon, Chelmsford or Southend), you can be assured of knowledgeable support, properly tailored to you and your business.

Why you should consult an accountant first in business

One of my new clients recently posed a question, saying he’d been advised many times that the first thing anybody should do before starting a business is to see an accountant – but he wasn’t really sure why.  You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I agreed wholeheartedly with this advice!

The reason is that consulting a qualified and experienced accountant as you begin your new business venture will help you put the right structure in place from the start, so you can get on with growing your business in the knowledge that you have a robust, future-proofed strategy that will ensure your growth is sustainable.

An additional piece of advice I’d offer companies just starting out, is to keep your end goal in mind as you build your business.  For example, if you’re looking to retire, or perhaps to sell your venture within a few years, you’ll need to make sure your management team is up to the job of leading things after you leave – effectively creating the right conditions for your own redundancy.

These are all important scenarios in which an accountant with clear focus and valuable experience in strategy and finance will prove to be invaluable!

At Rickard Luckin, you’ll find that we work in partnership with our clients, taking time to understand their aims, ideas and plans so that we can best help achieve them.  Not only that, but as we’re meeting more and more new businesses every week, it’s safe to say we’ve got our ears firmly to the ground regarding emerging trends, updated regulations and latest developments.  This means we’re able to keep you updated on anything your business needs to know about, so you can keep focused on the day-to-day running of your operations.

One of the ways we’ll be keeping you informed and advised is through this blog, which I or a member of my team will update on a monthly basis with advice and guidance especially for start-ups and SMEs.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any of our latest news or developments, why not come and follow us on social media – and if you know anyone who could benefit from our advice, please feel free to share our insights.  Better still, why not come and see us for an appraisal of your business?  To arrange an appointment, contact us on 01268 548127 or email

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