Going to the heart of every successful company: building a payroll empire at Rickard Luckin

Going to the heart of every successful company: building a payroll empire at Rickard Luckin

Going to the heart of every successful company: building a payroll empire at Rickard Luckin

What would happen if you came to work at the beginning of a brand-new month, only to be told that the payroll system had failed, and so your hard-earned salary was not going to be paid?

You might decide to turn around and go straight home, or perhaps storm into the CEO’s office with a band of colleagues to demand that something is done.  Either way, it is very unlikely that work would simply continue as usual.

The power of payroll

This, in a nutshell, is the power of payroll – and the reason why a smooth, secure and dependable system that ensures your employees are paid regularly and accurately is at the heart of every successful company.

It goes to follow that your payroll team, if you have one, control a great deal of authority within your company.  So treat them with care, as they are the often unsung heroes that keep everybody at work!

Creating a payroll empire

As one of Rickard Luckin’s Payroll Managers and a CIPP-qualified Payroll Technician, I am fast building an empire around this essential business function.

Not only does our dedicated team fully understand the importance of good payroll practice, we also understand that paying employees has come a very long way since the days of the real-life ‘pay-packet’; that brown envelope full of cash that had been painstakingly counted out, and then handed to everybody in person.

Rickard Luckin’s comprehensive payroll services, which we currently manage on behalf of over 300 diverse companies and thousands of individual employees, are completely bespoke, responsive and fully secure.

We meet personally with our clients to discuss how they would like their payroll to be managed, and then – as long as the requirements meet with legal guidelines and regulations – we will implement a PAYE system and seamlessly manage its operations, exactly as required.

Bespoke and standalone services for every company

Contrary to the popular view of payroll management as an accountancy ‘add-on’, Rickard Luckin is proud to offer a standalone payroll service.  We work with start-up companies employing a handful of people, to large multi-national corporations who may have engaged a different accountant for day-to-day advice.

Our friendly and approachable team help to resolve day-to-day payroll enquiries from employees, and though the ‘paperless approach’ is clearly the way of the future, I do sometimes wonder if this is quite as efficient as it’s often made out to be, given the number of calls we receive to re-set e-payslip passwords!

A future-forward approach

Of course, as payroll has become less and less involved with paper, it has become more and more involved with additional employee benefits, such as pensions auto-enrolment.

Our team, therefore, are not only highly knowledgeable, they also keep themselves fully updated with current and future payroll-related trends and legislation, allowing your company to focus on what it does best.

Would you like to discuss our comprehensive payroll services in further detail with a no-obligation chat?  If so, please get in touch.

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Hannah Dumenil

Payroll Manager