Creating a clear vision for a new era of business – key elements that make you stand out from the crowd

Creating a clear vision for a new era of business – key elements that make you stand out from the crowd

Creating a clear vision for a new era of business – key elements that make you stand out from the crowd

Differentiating your business in today’s energetic marketplace is a constantly challenging project. This is particularly true in a profession such as accountancy, where there are so many options available for clients to select from.

I’ve witnessed many changes since joining the profession as a graduate nearly thirty years ago, and I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from some fantastic opportunities – not to mention plenty of hard work! – as I advanced the career ladder and started my family.

These days, in my exciting role as Managing Director of Rickard Luckin I have a clear mission.  I’m proud to be able to continue the enduring legacy of our firm, whilst modernising our approach through setting a clear future vision based upon values everybody can recognise and relate to.

It all begins with the right values

These are transformative times for Rickard Luckin.  Since our merger was announced in 2015, we have undertaken a programme of office refurbishment that began with our Basildon office and is currently continuing in Southend.

As a firm, Rickard Luckin is unique.  Passionate, personal and professional,   our values clearly differentiate us in a competitive business world, something that is frequently commented upon during my regular conversations with colleagues, clients and contacts.

Intrinsic to our transformation, therefore, is ensuring our values are clearly visible – which in contemporary open-plan offices with client and colleague interactions frequently on display, they have to be!

I have to admit that saying “passionate, personal and professional” out loud sounded a bit corny at first.  However, the words soon became second-nature and now I unashamedly refer to them all the time.  The words reaffirm the mindset they represent, and these values have served to direct our thinking as we modernise both our offices and our approach to business.

Engage your people with who you are, right from the moment they join

Having a set of clear, strong values can reduce uncertainty in an uncertain business world, helping your business to address difficult decisions.  Though of course, ensuring our passionate, personal and professional approach runs consistently throughout, Rickard Luckin begins and ends with our people.

Engagement begins from the first day new joiners arrive, when I sit down with them to introduce the company so they are able to understand who we are, and why we do what we do!

Our values apply to absolutely everybody who works for Rickard Luckin, no matter what role they perform.  Many people’s first interaction with a company is with the reception desk, so it makes perfect sense that your reception staff should be as conversant with your company culture as the Managing Director.

Be patient – and reward hard work with opportunity

It would be unrealistic to believe that everything can be simply transformed overnight.  We are constantly striving to maintain the individual characteristics of each of our offices, whilst instilling a universal culture and a friendly uniformity in the service we provide.  As you might imagine, this isn’t always the easiest of tasks!

However, at Rickard Luckin we ensure the consistency and the forward-thinking we’ve become known for by incentivising our people to remain with us as they develop their careers.

This doesn’t only apply to accountancy staff.  We recognise that experts are required in every area of our business, from HR and IT to marketing and finance.  In return for their hard work and dedication, we reward our people with clear succession planning and career development opportunities.

I’m always happy to discuss new ways of working, and if you would like to experience Rickard Luckin’s unique passionate, personal and professional approach for yourself, we would be very happy to advise you.  Simply get in contact.

Janis Osborne

Managing Director