Janis Osborne

Janis OsborneJanis Osborne
Managing Director

Contact Telephone Number: 01245 254220
Email Address: Janis.osborne@rickardluckin.co.uk
Linked In Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/janisosborne

Janis has built up a strong portfolio of small and medium sized businesses, including family owned and run, and is responsible for a number of the firm’s largest audit clients.

Janis thrives on the element of her role that involves getting to know the people behind the business. She believes a business can be looked at on paper and the numbers, but it comes alive when you understand what the directors and owners want from their business and why they do what they do. This is the source for her advice on business and tax matters.

Outside of work Janis’s outside interests are learning to play golf, travel, tai chi and energy healing – not what you might associate with an accountant, but it’s a fantastic well-being aid in today’s world.