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Services for you...

Accountancy and tax services for you

Each client has different needs, different issues and different goals. That’s why services from Rickard Luckin are flexible and designed to provide whatever you require.

Our personal accountancy and tax services can be categorised into the following disciplines:

Tax planning

Personal taxes affect everyone, whether they are in business, an employee or receiving a pension.

We can advise and support you on all areas of tax planning, including income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, trusts and estates and tax issues for non UK residents.

Personal tax returns

Our team of tax experts will look after all your personal tax returns and ensure everything is done on time and you only pay the tax you are supposed to.

Capital gains tax

We will help you look at ways of reducing your capital gains tax bill. Our capital gains tax specialists are here to assist you.

Inheritance tax

We are experts in inheritance tax and will help you plan to legally avoid paying inheritance tax unnecessarily.  Just contact us now to discuss this is more detail.

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