Construction, Land & Property

Construction, Land and Property

Construction, Land and Property

The construction, land and property sector is a crucial part of the local and national economy in the UK. It is a large and complex sector which is subject to regulation and political influence.

As the economic and political landscape continues to evolve, so will the sector. From shortages of labour and increasing materials costs, to sale prices and local and regional planning obstacles, there are many challenges for businesses to overcome.

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Helping businesses navigate complexity with confidence

At Rickard Luckin, we have the expertise and experience to help your business achieve its goals, while helping to minimise risk. Our dedicated team of specialists have over 50 years’ collective experience working with clients in the Construction, Land and Property sector.  We take the time to understand your long-term goals, while helping you to navigate the various regulatory, financial and often practical challenges that commonly occur in the sector.

Our team work with housebuilders, developers, commercial contractors, architects, surveyors and property investors to provide advice on the financial and tax considerations relevant to each business.

Specialist services

In addition to our core services of bookkeeping, payroll, accounts, tax and audit, we offer bespoke guidance specific to the needs of businesses operating in construction or working with land and property. This includes:

Understand your tax obligations and get clarity on the potential financial outcomes for a transaction or project. Our experienced Tax and VAT team have decades of collective experience and technical knowledge to help you make informed, confident decisions.

Manage the risk and reward associated with unpredictable sale timelines. Our VAT specialists can provide guidance on the timing and structure of a sale so cash flow and VAT challenges (e.g. VAT liabilities and the ability to recover VAT) are understood and addressed.

Gain valuable insight on managing the challenges and opportunities presented during a sale process. From personal tax issues to Capital Gains Tax, SDLT to Inheritance Tax, our team can help manage expectations with regards to timings and costs.

Effectively manage and protect cashflow, and understand where profitability lies with our management accounts reports.

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Source new avenues of funding via our network of professional contacts. We can introduce you to potential financiers or investors and help you get access to traditional methods of financing.

Plan for future growth and anticipate a changing economic landscape impacting labour, supplies and availability of materials. Our team can help identify where shortages may arise and how this will affect pricing.

Ensure that contractor work is completed in full and on time through structured agreements. Using our professional networks, our team can provide recommendations on the legal support that’s right for your project.

Keeping you up to date

Our quarterly Property Briefing enables clients to keep up to date on and plan for any changes to tax, or regulations affecting the sector. 

To find out more about how our services can benefit your business, please contact us for an informal introductory meeting.

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