Why we’ll be celebrating National Payroll Week (and why you should, too!)

Why we’ll be celebrating National Payroll Week (and why you should, too!)

We’ve been busy getting ready to celebrate the 21st anniversary of National Payroll Week, which runs from 2nd – 6th September 2019.

After all, what company wouldn’t want to honour an essential business function that not only keeps everybody paid and happy, but that also contributed £301bn to the UK economy during the most recent tax year?

(If you never really have to think about your own company’s payroll function, that’s a good thing, because it means everything should be running smoothly!)

Here at Rickard Luckin, our dedicated payroll team aren’t just extremely nice people to deal with.  We’re also extremely well-versed in payroll-related legislation, making sure we update our knowledge regularly.  Our clients are professional businesses that don’t provide in-house payroll expertise, so we’re more than happy and able to provide it for them, while they get on with doing what they do best.

We work alongside organisations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors, helping them to maintain accurate and confidential records, meet their auto-enrolment responsibilities, and ensure they adhere to the current National Minimum Wage…amongst many other things.

Not only that, we love our jobs, which is a fact confirmed by the positive feedback we regularly receive from our clients!  Because we work so closely with each and every one, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of their business.  We’re their friendly team of honorary, dedicated colleagues, who ensure business operations can continue to run smoothly.

So it has to be said that our team takes National Payroll Week celebrations very seriously.  Why shouldn’t we, when we’re the ones who make sure everybody gets paid for their hard work?

If you’re feeling inspired by our efforts, you can download your own National Payroll Week pack here.  We’ll definitely be munching on lots of delicious home-baked cake throughout the week itself.  In fact, if you’d like to celebrate your own payroll team, holding a fun company-wide Bake Off could be a great place to start.

Other ideas include decorating their desks as a fun surprise, or nominating a willing member of staff to make tea for your payroll team throughout the week.

Meanwhile, if you’re part of your company’s in-house payroll team, don’t waste such a fantastic opportunity to remind the rest of your company what sterling work you do every day!  You could hold a quiz, put a fun factsheet together, or even arrange a company lunch session to bring people together in celebration of payroll.

Whatever else you do, don’t forget to put the balloons and posters from your National Payroll Week pack in popular areas (such as the kitchen or reception) – and use social media to let everybody follow your celebrations throughout the week.

Wishing you a very happy National Payroll Week!  If you’d like to talk to our friendly team in person about your company’s payroll requirements, then we’d be very happy to hear from you.

Simply get in contact at payroll@rickardluckin.co.uk