Why going that extra mile for your clients will reap rewards (and awards)

Why going that extra mile for your clients will reap rewards (and awards)

Why going that extra mile for your clients will reap rewards (and awards)

I’m pleased to report that I received a lot of positive responses following my last blog post, ‘The Life of an Accountant, and there seems to be a strong appetite for the accountancy-based television programme I mentioned.  Producers take note.

(Perhaps we should make a film instead, as I received one particular suggestion from a client that he could star alongside me, played by Kevin Spacey.  George Clooney could take my role if he’s available!)

In the meantime, here at Rickard Luckin we’ve been busy taking care of our clients as usual.  This has been a month for good news, with two of our clients winning national awards.

Chelmsford’s Boreham House was the worthy winner of the UK Asian Wedding Venue of the Year, while Dura Composites won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category, in recognition of their sustained international growth.

Boreham House has been a Rickard Luckin client for the past five years, and our firm was grateful to receive a glowing testimonial as it was highlighted how important a role we have played in their success to date.  In particular, it was commented that our support and advice had been invaluable.

I mention this in order to highlight just how seriously we take customer care here at Rickard Luckin, and how going that extra mile can reap valuable rewards.

Finding time to care

Our firm is the largest independent accountancy practice in Essex, housing a friendly and professional team whose combined expertise spans every area of accountancy and tax advice.

However, we’re not so large that we can’t find time to care, and we have implemented several measures to ensure we stay in touch with our clients, outside of dutifully notifying them when it comes to tax return time.  Our values are passionate, personal and professional, which our team embodies in the unique approach our clients know us for.

For example, on my return from a recent trip to New Zealand I ensured I made the effort to at least touch base with my clients, even if it was simply to ask how they are.

Celebrating individuality

Of course, caring for your clients means not treating them all in exactly the same manner.   Every business is different, and we are proud to advise a diverse range of companies from a whole wealth of industries.  This means a compartmentalised, ‘one size fits all’ approach to client care certainly wouldn’t be successful.

Our clients have often commented that we’re “not normal accountants”, mainly because of our tailored and professional approach to their business.  We’re not afraid to have fun while we work, and I’m especially known for being rather talkative at times!

The secret of our success

Because we care, we can and do make a genuine difference to our clients through spotting opportunities where we can help and advise, sometimes even regarding non-accountancy matters.  This is what going that extra mile is all about.

At Rickard Luckin, our philosophy is all about helping businesses achieve their goals in the best way possible, and I believe that this is the true secret of our enduring success.

If you would like to talk to us about how our unique approach could help you and your business (though we’re not promising awards!), please get in touch.